Robert Lemke Retires from Saroyan Hardwoods

After 38 years of making custom hardwood flooring and moulding, Robert Lemke is retiring from Saroyan Hardwoods. Lemke was Saroyan’s 7th employee and has been instrumental in building out Saroyan’s facilities and leading its Operating Team. Lemke was Vice President/General Manager and was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the millwork and plant.

“We couldn’t have built this Company without Robert being a part of it,” said John Saroyan, CEO. “We went to school together at USC and when it was time to take over my family’s lumber business, Robert was at my side.”

“It’s been a great ride working side-by-side with the Saroyan Team over the past 38 years,” said Lemke.“But it’s time to step back, get into shape, and breath some fresh air …. Rather than all of this sawdust.” Lemke is a resident of Long Beach where he lives with his wife, Cobi, and children Jack (22), Jared (19) and Tyler (16).

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