Crafting a Community Connection

A hardwood flooring company known for its artistry was recently able to support the arts and give back to its hometown community in a rather unique and serendipitous way. The result was a newly refinished floor for a cultural events center and enhanced relationships with the community, suppliers, and manufacturers.

“At Artistic Floors by Design, we always try to be connected to our community, and as such, we are members of the Parker Arts and Cultural Events Center, also known as PACE,” explains Joni Rocco, co-owner of Artistic Floors by Design Inc. in Parker, Colorado.

“My best girlfriend also happens to be the director of membership. She and I were planning to attend a dueling pianos charity event there for fun. I waited until the day of the event to open the email that had the ticket and event information on it, and it was only then that I noticed the event was a fundraiser that was put on to raise money to refinish the center’s dance floor,” says Rocco.

Rocco learned that numerous ballet, tap, and modern dance classes left the 2 ¼” maple floor in dire need of repair. The floor had taken a tremendous amount of abuse since its construction several years prior.

“I quickly talked to Joe (Rocco, co-owner of Artistic Floors by Design Inc.) about the opportunity to help, and he gave two thumbs up and was 100 percent sold on doing the work and donating the product and the service,” explains Rocco. “Our intention and tag line have always been ‘because art is not just for walls.’ With PACE having so many performing arts take place there, it felt like a very neat tie-in to our slogan.”

Rocco says her friend was both overwhelmed and surprised when she heard the news.

“I was so shocked she didn’t realize we could help refinish the dance floor. She said that it’s not something she would have asked from a friend, but furthermore, she only thought we did floors inside of houses and not commercial work as well,” says Rocco. “While most of the work we do is for residential remodels, for us, wood is wood, no matter where it is located. It also made sense to give back to the community that has supported us tremendously over the years.”

Describing the scope of the donated work, Rocco explains, “We didn’t fill the floor. Instead, we just refinished, as there were some gaps from the original installation and because it is in somewhat of a warehouse setting, so there is not a lot of control the building has over the HVAC system. Maple expands and contracts and is not as dimensionally stable as some other species of wood, and we didn’t want filler popping out and irritating people. That said, the floor looks much better now. ”

The reaction to the renovation from both PACE staff and dancers to the new floor has been universally positive.

“People have been so thrilled with the job we did. The PACE staff was ecstatic. We also had reactions from the dancers that were very positive, and they did a very nice thank you video for us,” says Rocco.

While the refinished floors benefited PACE and Artistic Floors by Design by strengthening their bond with their community, Rocco says the project also helps them forge even stronger relationships with business partners.

“The beauty of refinishing and using the finish that we used is we have also built a relationship both with our supplier and the finish manufacturer. The finish we used on the floor is Loba Supra, which is their two-component, commercial grade water-based finish,” says Rocco. “So, not only were we able to build relationships with our clients and our community, we were also able to create stronger relationships with our suppliers and our manufacturers.

Rocco says another essential benefit of donating work is the positive perception it can give your business in the hearts and minds of the community.

“Because our industry isn’t as heavily regulated as other industries in the construction sector, it becomes a beneficial opportunity to position your business to show that you are an active and engaged community member,” explains Rocco.

“When you’re working with residential clients, they don’t quite know where to go to get the help that they need. It’s a way to position yourself as someone who is transparent, someone who is actively engaged in the community, and that offers some peace of mind. You can communicate the fact that your company is involved in the community, that you’re not going anywhere, and that you’re here for the long haul,” advises Rocco.

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