AHF Launches Hardwood Flooring with Densitek Core

AHF Products is transforming its entire line of domestically produced engineered hardwood with the new Densitek™ core, a high performance composite material which provides improved dent resistance and faster installation when compared to traditional plywood core. 

“We look at flooring from the consumer’s perspective to identify clear problems to solve. It’s really all about performance,” said Mike Bell, COO, AHF Products. “Specifically engineered with hydrophobic technology to resist moisture absorption, Densitek is engineered to give consumers their most desired flooring – real hardwood – with the durability, resistance to moisture and ease-of installation they need. And, since the floors with Densitek are indeed real hardwood, there is also a sustainability story here that non-wood (plastic) products can’t offer.”

Made up of layers, engineered hardwood with Densitek core is constructed with a 100% natural wood veneer top. The enhanced construction is being incorporated in both new and existing engineered hardwood flooring collections. The conversion of all AHF Products’ domestic engineered hardwood product collections to the Densitek core will be completed March 2020, across its family of brands, including Bruce®, Hartco®, Capella® and Robbins®.

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  1. Knowing the products are engineered and that the core is hydrophobic is all good news. However, what will be the thickness of the veneer? What type of veneer will it be, rotary, sawn or sliced? Will it fit into the world of the professional wood flooring contractors (1/2 the market) that refurbish, sand, refinish and change colors etc. of flooring on a daily basis? Will it have a veneer thick enough and be sold unfinished to take advantage of the custom floors installed over concrete (another 1/2 the market) which would eliminate the need to build a subfloor to install 3/4″ over concrete. So many “wood” floors” today are more about their decorative capabilities versus longevity and custom colors/finish and appearance.

  2. Look to Somerset Hardwood Floors. They do a solid and Solid Plus engineered that will do what you want. WE do both prefinished and unfinished engineered. You can sand and refinish our engineered the same as a solid.

  3. I think I am correct in saying that this floor cannot be nailed down as it would crack the core, also if the floor is T&G and was floated will the glue stick to the new core to hold it together or is it a snap together system

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