U.S. Plywood Producers File Suit Over Brazilian Wood Certifications

Ten U.S. plywood producers are alleging false advertising claims against two certifying agencies that authorized 35 Brazilian plywood plants as meeting the structural grade requirements for plywood panels. In a lawsuit filed last week, the accrediting agency for both of the certifying agencies was also named in the suit.

The U.S. producers contend that it is impossible for PS 1-09 compliant structural grade plywood to be reliably manufactured from the extraordinarily fast-growing plantation species in southern Brazil.

Tests by the American Plywood Association in 2018 and commissioned by the Plaintiffs in 2019 show that Brazilian plywood panels produced in southern Brazil experience massive failure rates when tested under PS 1-09 structural standard, specifically in bending stiffness and deflection tests.

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  1. Plywood industry (APA)_have waited years to go after the only other plywood certification group..TECO. This should get interesting.

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