N-Hance™ Wood Refinishing Announces Partnership with American Forests

N-Hance™ Wood Refinishing recently announced its partnership with American Forests, the nation’s first forest conservation organization. N-Hance is committed to donating a dollar for every kitchen or floor refinishing project to American Forests as part of the partnership. Each dollar donated will go towards planting one tree in large forest landscapes across the United State such as Northern Rockies and Cascades, Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas, fire-damaged areas in California, stripped mineland in West Virginia, and an expanded focus on urban forests as well. N-Hance projects nearly 10,000 trees to be planted in the first year of this partnership.

“While our services are environmentally friendly, we know there is still so much we can do to support conservation efforts which is why we are thrilled to have partnered with American Forests to take action and make impactful contributions,” said Dan Tarantin, CEO of N-Hance Wood Refinishing. “We are confident the partnership with a likeminded organization will generate positive brand recognition with our employees and customers and bring tremendous awareness to American Forests and its nationwide efforts.”

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