Protimeter Releases New Moisture Meter Kit

Protimeter announced the release of its newest moisture meter kit. The Protimeter Flood kit is designed for flood damage restoration contactors and includes the Hygromaster L Thermo-Hygrometer, along with the Surveymaster, and two newly released styles of moisture probe accessories.

The Hygromaster L features an intuitive interface and displays relative humidity (RH), temperature, dew point and specific humidity (GPP, g/kg). The Surveymaster is a dual function moisture meter with both pin and non-invasive measurement technology. A Baseboard Moisture Probe for taking moisture measurements behind baseboards and sill plates, along with an Extension Moisture Probe for taking measurements at varying depths in wall cavity and crawl spaces are also included.

“The new Flood Kit pairs our best and newest product offerings in one kit that allows for a simple and accurate diagnosis of moisture issues,” says Tom Rochenski, National Account Manager at Protimeter.

For more information on the NEW Protimeter Flood Kit, including a video demonstration of the Hygromaster L, please visit