Wagner Meters Introduces the New Rapid RH® L6 System with Total Reader®

Wagner Meters has introduced the Rapid RH® L6 system, an enhanced version of the Rapid RH system, which consolidates many concrete moisture testing features into a simpler process while featuring advanced technology that makes reporting faster, easier, and more reliable, even in concrete with higher relative humidity (RH).”

“We listen to our customers,” says Jason Spangler, Flooring Division Manager for Wagner Meters. “They told us they needed more responsiveness in high RH and a more rugged design. We’ve delivered, along with the biggest advance in technology ever in the Rapid RH system. And just to change it up a little, we finally said goodbye to orange and made everything green!”

According to the company the new L6 Smart Sensor incorporates an enhanced design capable of providing concrete moisture readings up to 100% RH. In addition, each L6 sensor includes an onboard memory device capable of storing 512 time-stamped measurements. Whenever a measurement is made, the sensor will store the reading inside a FIFO (first in – first out) circular buffer that holds 512 readings. If measurements exceed 512, the oldest measurement is replaced with the newest. Since the time-stamped readings are recorded and saved with each sensor, it is possible to come back years later, retrieve an embedded sensor, and recover the historical data.

The company added that when transferring sensor data to the newly updated DataMaster™ L6 app on your smart device, the number of readings that can be stored is only limited by the storage capacity of your smart device. This new Rapid RH L6 integrated data storage capability makes it even easier to prove the validity of your readings at any time in the future. To further ensure that your data remains intact, the Rapid RH L6 system also features a protective cap with a butyl rubber seal for maximum protection from dust and moisture.

The new all-in-one Total Reader® builds upon the foundation of the Rapid RH Smart Reader and Easy Reader, combining their features into a single, easy-to-use device. The Total Reader instantly reads and displays RH and temperature data from the Smart Sensors. When you choose to use the electronic reporting functionality, the Total Reader will transmit, via Bluetooth®, to Wagner’s free DataMaster L6 recording and reporting app.

The company noted that while the Rapid RH Total Reader adds new functionalities and durability, the enhanced design makes the unit incompatible with versions of Rapid RH Smart Sensors released before L6.

The DataMaster L6 app helps users manage and report concrete RH testing data inside an interface that runs on both Android and iOS devices. According to the company, it allows the user to input specific information like job name, address and hole depth. The DataMaster L6 app can store pictures of blueprints that can be used to create a graphical overlay of the moisture sensor test site locations. The company added that moisture readings can then be saved to the specified locations on the picture allowing for clearer visual representation of the testing report. With the DataMaster L6 app and the complete L6 Smart Sensor system, each reading is positively tied to a specific sensor installed in the concrete, to minimize the chance that you’ll mix up or lose data, the company added.

The DataMaster L6 app also generates reports in PDF format that can be sent to a client directly from each device and stored or transferred to other devices.

“The Rapid RH L6 system is a complete data collection, storage, and reporting system that provides fast, easy testing and comprehensive data integrity,” said Spangler. “The Rapid RH L6 system enables the fastest, simplest to use testing for ASTM F2170 compliance.”

The new Rapid RH L6 system is currently released in two kits: the Concrete Moisture Test Starter Kit+ and the WFP400+ Rapid RH L6 Professional Flooring Installer Kit.

The company added that Smart Sensors can be purchased in bulk in Smart Sensor Value Packs, in quantities of 25, 50 or 100 sensors and come with a free Rapid RH Total Reader through May 13, 2020.