Bona Announces Extended Open-Time for Bona R851 Silane Adhesive

Bona announced the introduction of an improved, extended open-time formula for Bona R851 Silane Adhesive.

The company shared that these new features and benefits will take floor installations to the next level:

  • Improved open-time formula extending open times up to 50% over the previous R851formula. (Previous formula open time 40 minutes at 50% RH and 70 °F, improved formula open time  60 minutes at 50% RH and 70 °F. Open times will vary based on temperature and humidity.)
  • A 1250G Clip-On trowel. Both the MBP and 1250G clip-on trowels will be included in each pail of R851.
  • New improved bucket design that allows for in-mold label printing. This process produces a much cleaner and easier to read label ensuring application is done right.