Hardwood Hint: Tape Measure Alternative

Many times, using a tape measure can be cumbersome or even inaccurate. When you’re trying to scribe the last row to a wall during an installation, one simple alternative is to take a spare piece of the hardwood that you are installing and cut off a length equivalent to the width of the wood you are installing plus the necessary expansion space. For example, if you are installing 5” plank and your expansion space is ¾” long, cut the length to 5-¾”.

Next, take the board that you need to measure for cutting and line it up to the last row installed. Then take the piece that you cut and place it against the wall. Slide that board along the wall and use your pencil to scribe a line along the board. Now you can use your saw to make the cut to the board that you are installing and it will fit perfectly and include the necessary expansion space. You can use this one piece of wood and a pencil and mark every last row in your installation on your job.

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