Schönox Announces Two New Distributor Partners

Schönox HPS North America announced that Certified Carpet Distributors and Chemtec have joined the growing list of distributor partners.

“These new distributors indicate solid growth for our company and in our industry,” said Doug Young, Schönox HPS North America executive vice president. “Based in western Pennsylvania, Certified Carpet Distributors opens our product up to a new marketplace, and the same is true of Chemtec, which is headquartered in Laval, Quebec, in the Montreal area of Canada.”

Representatives from Chemtec and Certified Carpet Distributors acknowledge that Schönox is a brand known for its quality and high standards.

Like Schönox “Chemtec has been a supplier for Canadian entrepreneurs in the past 15 years and is a vendor associated with quality and perfectionism that has performed above and beyond what a typical vendor does in terms of product quality, service, and support,” said Alan Nicholson, of Chemtec. “Schönox actively calls on its distributors and always goes the extra mile to visit jobsites when there is a problem or questions on how to proceed on short notice, and so does Chemtec.”

It’s Schönox’s line of products that helped establish the relationship with Certified Carpet Distributors, according to Dave McGee, the company’s general manager and executive vice president.

“It is a good fit with us because there was a void in our self-leveling line of products,” he said. “It filled a hole in our bag, so to speak, and we’re a full-line distributor, and, to be able to fill that line with a product like Schönox makes us very proud.”

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