WOCA Unveils Industrial Oxi Quick System During TISE

WOCA unveiled its new Industrial Oxi Quick System during The International Surface Event (TISE) in Las Vegas.

The company shared, “WOCA Industrial Oxi Quick System is a high-class coating system aimed at flooring manufacturers with high demand flows. It excels at creating ready-oiled solutions suitable for immediate stacking and packaging due to instant LED-curing.”

The system is centered around Oxi Quick Oil, a VOC-free oil based on natural ingredients. The product also complies with the Austrian standard Ö-Norm C 2380.

Oxi Quick is an oxidative oil based on natural and renewable oil components. It contains no acrylates or VOC and is cured using less energy than traditional UV products.

For more information contact WOCA USA at Sales@wocausa.com or 800-242-8160.