Duchateau Launches Twelve New Hardwood Floor Selections at TISE

Duchateau debuted twelve new hardwood floor selections at the TISE 2019 show. Spread across three collections, the visuals also feature unique formats and patterns.

“Today’s customer is looking for elegance and individuality in their homes, and our new styles add that special touch,” said Misael Tagle, CEO and Co-founder of Duchateau. “The pattern and width variations of our new collections create a truly distinctive look.”

The company shared that the new hardwood products all feature Duchateau’s signature hard-wax oil finish, which provides a matte finish, and develops individual patinas as the floor ages, creating unique flooring for each installation. These engineered wood floors offer the beauty of natural hardwood, while the finish makes them easy to care for.

The Grande Savoy Collection features 240 mm planks (9 ½ inches) in six colors and was inspired by the expansive floors in European chateaus and castles.

  • Baron is a deeply rich brown with a light wire-brushed finish.
  • Chevalier has a medium-wire brushed finish with cool grey midtones.
  • Vicomte offers a lighter visual, with an abundance of yellow overtones and natural oak colors.
  • Marquis provides a balanced, natural look, adding hints of blue and grey to the lighter tan base.
  • Duque has a smooth finish that works in tandem with the very light tans and beige highlights.
  • Siegneur is the lightest visual, with both a smooth finish and white highlights.

The Herringbone Collection offers the visual excitement of the herringbone pattern, in pre-cut and easy to assemble and install pieces. Each plank is 125 mm (5 inches) wide, and 610 mm (24-1/16”) long.

  • Derval is a cooler mid-brown color, with darker grey accents.
  • Barral is the company’s darkest Herringbone selection.
  • Faber has light wirebrushing and a light, natural color with warm tan notes.

The final new collection is the Varació Collection, which offers random width planks. Planks come in 83 mm (3-5/16”), 125 mm (4-7/8”) and 190 mm (7-1/2”) widths, and 1900 mm (74-13/16”) lengths.

  • Mozzano is a deep brown. Further interest is provided by the light wirebrushing.
  • Tonalé is a light tan.
  • Grado, the final color, offers a balance of warm grey and taupe tones.