Mercier Presents Wood in its Simplest Expression in 2019 New Products

Mercier Wood Flooring announced that the company’s inspiration behind its new products for 2019 focused on the company’s ambition of returning to the essence of its raw material. Presented to its network of retailers and distributors last November, the newest additions all converge to the same objective: to stay as close as possible to the tree and bring out its purest beauty.

“It is an established fact that the application of a finish moistens the wood grain and alters its color. In order to avoid this change, and to present raw looking boards, Mercier has developed a finishing process that seals the color of wood before applying the protective finish. The result: floor boards that are completely free of coloration, that are raw looking, but that offer the same Mercier Generations 35-year warranty,” the company said in a statement.

The 8 1/8’’ wide boards launched in 2018 have been amplified again, lengthwise this time, to create 8 1/8’’PLUS. Hard maple, red oak, and white oak species are offered in boards of a minimum of 60’’, up to 87’’.

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