Danzer Wood Surfaces Featured at Boutique Hotel in Berlin’s Kreuzberg District

The overarching design concept at the hotel is inspired by “fire, light, and the guest.” The variety of woods used was intended to reflect the diversity and origins of the guests. Copyright Orania.Berlin.

Located in the heart of Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, Orania.Berlin opened its doors in August 2017. When it came to selecting the materials for the interior design, hotel director Dietmar Mueller-Elmau traveled to the Danzer showroom in Grödig near Salzburg to select the wood surfaces in person.

“Visiting the Danzer showroom proved to be highly inspirational. The selection – and presentation – of wood varieties is outstanding. Ultimately, making the final decision was easy – and we are very proud of the excellent impression created by the mix of woods used in our interiors. I am hard pressed to think of any other hotel that uses this many different types of wood for its interior finishes,” said Mueller-Elmau.

According to Mueller-Elmau, the concept for the design and finish of Orania.Berlin was inspired by three key elements – fire, light, and the guest.

“The range of wood varieties should reflect the diversity and origins of the guests – a very nice idea by the hotel and one which could be brought to life to perfect effect with our materials,” added Walter Mooslechner, General Manager Danzer Veneer Europe. “Thanks in part to the broad spectrum covered by our wood varieties and to the reliable supply and uniform quality of our veneers.”

Santos palisander, cherry, goncalo alvez, lacewood and American walnut are all featured prominently in the project.

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