Bona US Relocates North American Headquarters

Bona US announced today that it has moved into a 74,209 sq. foot, single-story building that will serve as its North American headquarters. Located in Englewood, CO, the building features Monarch Plank French Oak Flooring by Galleher.

“It’s an exciting time for us at Bona. We outgrew the old office so had the opportunity to custom design our new location while doubling our space,” said Richard Goering, senior vice president of sales and operations, Bona US. “The new office is designed for function and beauty with products from the Bona System throughout as well as floors from our partners at Galleher.”

For some of the offices in the building, Bona selected Monarch Plank Artisan’s Preferred engineered French oak flooring finished with Bona Craft Oil 2K Neutral and top-coated with Bona Traffic HD waterborne finish.

Danny Harrington, vice president of marketing & product development at Galleher LLC, parent company of Monarch Plank, said, “We are honored that the world’s leading wood floor care and finish company selected our Artisans Preferred flooring for their U.S. headquarters. The combination of our French Oak with Bona’s Craft Oil 2K offers a beautiful combination of depth and color all finished with the legendary durability and ease of maintenance of Bona’s Traffic HD floor finish.”

For the executive wing and reception area, Bona used its Bona Power Drive™ and Bona Wire Brush Technology. The white oak floors were wire brushed, water popped and then finished with Bona Craft Oil Neutral and Bona Traffic HD. Another large conference room, named “The Arena” features maple flooring finished with the Bona SuperSport System which includes Bona SuperSport Paint, BonaSuperSport DTS Sealer and Bona SuperSport HD Waterbased Finish. All the floors used Bona Adhesives including Bona R859 & R851 as well as R580 sealer.

Studio B2SJ helped design the office space for Bona. Seth Barber, managing principal, Studio B2SJ/Idea Garage said, “Bona has embraced the “office-as-showroom” concept with the introduction of numerous hardwood species and patterns into the environment where employee’s everyday function is enhanced by product usage and the ability to showcase applications to clients in a real world environment”

Bona’s new Colorado office is located at 24 Inverness Place East, Englewood, CO. In addition to serving as office space the new building will host Bona Sand & Finish trainings and offer machine maintenance.

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