How Does One-Stop Shopping Work for a Multi-Faceted Flooring Industry?

Danzer sliced thick-cut veneer in different species for high quality engineered flooring.

By Tracy Rowlett

Find out why more flooring producers turn to Danzer for all their wood products needs.
While the requirements of manufacturers with a wide variety of flooring needs are significantly different, all are looking for the same business benefits, including broad product selection, consistent quality, and convenience. A single source that delivers everything needed to meet demand for more cost-effective alternatives to solid wood floors has proven to address an important market need. This is where Danzer with its wide portfolio comes into play.

A range of veneers tailored to the flooring market
With more than 80 years of experience, Danzer produces more sliced decorative hardwood veneer globally than any other supplier. Carrying more than 200 species of wood from around the world, including rare and exotic species, in thicknesses ranging as thin as 0.2 mm to 2.0 mm, Danzer’s veneer production facilities have what it takes to help its customers – and its customers’ customers – compete at any level.

High quality North American lumber in the Danzer warehouse in Bradford, PA.

Decorative deck layers for engineered flooring
Made from European, North American and African hardwood and softwood, Danzer’s thick sliced veneer from 2 mm to 4 mm or even more is unique due to the efficient way it is manufactured. The surface layers are sliced rather than sawn, resulting in little to no waste. The new, proprietary industrial process is more efficient than traditional methods, reducing raw material losses by one third – and contributing to the ability to deliver large volumes while significantly lowering costs across the supply chain.

Sustainably produced hardwood lumber
Producers of engineered flooring count on Danzer for lumber needed to produce their own wear layers in their own production facilities. The company facilitates its customers’ manufacturing process by offering extensive procurement options: The lumber is available in 10+ species; it comes in thicknesses ranging from 4/4 to 12/4; it can be custom sorted by color and by width; and it can be ripped-to-width and/or surfaced per any specification. In addition, by producing raw material close to the source, Danzer minimizes environmental impact.

The proprietary Danzer VS4000 Veneer Slicer reduces raw material losses by one third.

Consistency is key
The ability to deliver consistent products is a priority, and the company has invested in patented, repeatable technology that assures consistency in grade and color, and reduces waste. From CT scanning of logs, to its sorting capabilities, to its quality assurance processes, Danzer’s level of commitment instills customer confidence.

Multiple flooring products; a single commitment
While Danzer supplies the engineered flooring industry with a wide variety of products across the spectrum – veneer, wear layers and lumber – the company remains singularly committed to customer service.

A helpful sales staff that responds quickly, tailored programs that meet customers’ terms, and the many conveniences that make doing business easy – these efforts go a long way in establishing the peace-of-mind and spirit-of-partnership that truly make a difference.

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Article by Tracy Rowlett, Flooring Lamella Specialist at Danzer Veneer Americas, Darlington (PA).

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