Protimeter Introduces Bluetooth Moisture Meter and Data Logger

Protimeter announced the release of its newest moisture measurement product – The Protimeter BLE, a battery-powered, Bluetooth Low Energy data logger capable of measuring relative humidity (%RH), temperature and moisture, up to 1,000 readings at customized intervals that can then be viewed remotely through the Protimeter BLE App.

The Protimeter BLE App provides the user instant access to view and download both live and historical readings right on their mobile device. It is available free for download to your IOS and Android devices. There are no hidden fees or monthly costs associated with the app or the device.

Since it is an IP65 device, the Protimeter BLE is ideal for outdoor applications in a wide variety of industries, such as historical buildings, flood damage restoration, museums, perishable warehousing and transportation.

Chris Ranwell, Global Product Manager at Protimeter, says, “Because the Protimeter BLE is customizable to market and application-specific measurements, we see many uses for this powerful product.”

For more information on the NEW Protimeter BLE, including an installation video, please visit