Titebond Introduces New Pouch Packaging for Wood Flooring Adhesives

Titebond® has introduced a new type of packaging for flooring adhesives – the pouch – that transforms the way wood flooring installers handle the adhesive process.

Pouches are sold in two- and four-pouch boxes. Once at the job site, the installer removes the pouches from the boxes and positions them across the installation area based upon expected yield per package. The installer simply moves on to the next pouch in reach as installation progresses.

According to the company, “The pouch is easy to open and less messy to apply. The installer just snips the tail on the pouch, squeezes out the adhesive, then spreads and trowels it. Adhesive placement is precise, resulting in quicker, more uniform spreading.”

The pouch size is also said to reduce adhesive waste – and cost. The weather-resistant pouch packaging keeps the adhesive fresh, resulting in longer shelf life and easier spreading and troweling. In addition, the pouch size results in less unused product that would otherwise skin or go to waste.

Titebond is launching the pouch packaging with Titebond 771-Step Adhesive, Sound and Moisture Control system and Titebond 811 Advantage Urethane Wood Flooring Adhesive. One pouch of Titebond 771-Step covers 49 square feet when used as an adhesive alone and 27 square feet when applied as an all-in-one system. The Titebond 811 pouch covers 38 square feet when used in an engineered wood flooring installation.

Titebond is rolling out both pouch products at select Lowe’s stores. The pouches will also be available at specialty flooring retailers and building supply stores. More information about the pouch products and other Titebond flooring products, wood glues and construction adhesives and sealants is available at www.titebond.com.