In Memoriam: Joe Hughes, Derr Flooring

Derr Flooring recently announced the passing of Joe Hughes. After leaving his family business Hughes Lumber in 1964, Hughes started his career with the Derr Flooring Co. He remained active with the company and in 2014 celebrated 50 years of service (the only non-family member to achieve this milestone). He retired from the company in 2016.

“For many of us Joe was a mentor, friend, and an ambassador for Derr Flooring Co. and our industry,” the company shared. “Although Joe spent the majority of his career as an outside sales rep., when he moved into the office – his impact was significant. He was the primary resource on anything wood related and as a buyer he was responsible for our unfinished plank business as well as the growth of the Harris-Tarkett Line (our oldest partnership).”

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