WFCA Announces Plans Are Underway for 2018 fcB2B Annual Meeting

Scott Humphrey, Chief Executive Officer, World Floor Covering Association, announced the next annual fcB2B Meeting will be held October 16-18 at the Embassy Suites Hotel located adjacent to Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson Airport.

“fcB2B has made great strides over the past year through the backing and support of the WFCA,” said Phil Zolan, Executive Director, fcB2B. “At our upcoming meeting we will be reviewing and finalizing the industry’s implementation and testing of the new v3.0 EDI Standards issued earlier this year. These Standards represent the first major upgrade to our electronic communication guidelines in years.  Additionally, as part of our effort to streamline the transition for companies moving into digital, we are announcing the implementation of an independent Certification of Compliance process that ensures proper adherence to the new Standards for all companies entering into B2B. The certification, overseen by the WFCA, will ensure that each trading partner is fully compliant with the new Standards, and that they will work seamlessly with all other certified systems.”

Further topics to be addressed at the 2018 meeting include: identifying the distinct B2B issues faced by each sector of the flooring industry including manufacturers, distributors, software companies and retailers; the implementation of web services designed to provide instant order status and product reservation; and updates on fcB2B’s continuing efforts to accelerate adoption rates of B2B across the industry.

“The essense of fcB2B’s very existence is something that touches every single professional in our industry,” said Zolan. “Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, software company, retailer or affiliate group, our destiny is the same – whether it is today or tomorrow we are all evolving into the digital age. If you are not doing your business digitally now it’s really just a matter of time.”

Members and non-members are welcome to attend the fcB2B meeting. Cost of attendance is $650 per person, which covers all meeting events including: the welcome reception, breakfast, lunch, breaks throughout the meeting and all meeting materials. To register for the meeting and to secure discounted room rates at the Embassy Suites Hotel please visit

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