NWFA Donates Flooring Materials to Habitat for Humanity to Help Build Better Shelters for Those in Need

Flooring is the foundation on which a home is built. And no one understands this more than the National Wood Flooring Association and Habitat for Humanity.

As part of its Save the Resource initiative, the Tampa Convention Center works regularly with planners and exhibitors to donate leftover convention materials. However, when the National Wood Flooring Association Expo ended, it felt especially meaningful to reach out to Habitat for Humanity—a non-profit dedicated to building better shelters for those in need.

The National Wood Flooring Association is the only convention in the world exclusively dedicated to the wood flooring industry. As a result, countless samples of premium wood flooring and other industry material were on display for the 3,000 attendees to explore while they learned about the latest trends in flooring and interior design.

After the expo closed on April 14, the Tampa Convention Center worked with the National Wood Flooring Association and Habitat for Humanity to donate these leftover materials, including wooden planks, carpeting, and tiles. These materials directly support Habitat for Humanity’s mission to “bring people together to build homes, communities, and hope.”

These materials could help the Habitat for Humanity organization in their home building projects or go directly to community members in need for home improvements.

Source: https://www.tampagov.net/tcc/news/national-wood-flooring-association-donates-flooring-materials-habitat-humanity-help-build


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