American OEM Obtains Renewed Status of CARB ULEF Exemption on Engineered Products

American OEM, a manufacturer of hardwood flooring out of Tennessee, has
obtained renewed status of their CARB ULEF exemption on engineered wood
flooring products. This renewal was granted after a perfect record of passing
indoor air quality tests for formaldehyde emissions, and it was also extended to
include product with HDF core materials, which the company will manufacturing
beginning in the second quarter of 2018. This exemption grants American OEM
the ability to reduce submittal samples for VOC testing, and establishes the
company’s products as ultra-low risk for off gassing.

“The health and safety of our consumers is of upmost concern to us” said Don
Finkell, American OEM founder and CEO. “We will continue quarterly tests for
VOCs to ensure that we remain compliant with all regulations, even though it is
no longer required.”

HPVA laboratories is a third party laboratory that has been testing and certifying
North American manufacturers of engineered wood products for over 50 years.
They are currently a California approved third-party certifier (CARB TPC-8).

In addition to CARB exempt status, the manufacturer has also achieved Indoor
Advantage Gold certification for ultra-low emitting materials, verifying that all
hardwood produced in the Tennessee facility contributes to healthy indoor air
quality for customers of American OEM private label products, as well as all
products sold under the company’s new brand, HEARTHWOOD.

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