NWFA’s Sold Out Basic Installation School in San Jose Wraps Up

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) held a successful first training event of the year with the sold out Basic Installation school in San Jose, California, February 6-8.

The hands-on training event, led by NWFA Regional Instructor Jason Elquest, includes safety, an introduction to installation tools, exploring the many elements of job site preparation, and a variety of installation methods used when installing solid and engineered wood floors, including nail-down, glue-down, and floating.

The NWFA would like to give a special thanks to all students and instructors who attended this event and to Galleher Corporation for hosting.


Joel Arias, Peninsula Hardwood Floors Inc.
Juan Manuel Barrigan, Ogden Contract Interiors Inc.
Javier Cancino, Stoneworks LLC
Benjamin Chase, Cali Bamboo
Rigoberto Cortes-Oliveros, Stoneworks LLC
Frederick Daniels, Baila Floors
Aguileo Garcia, Ogden Contract Interiors Inc.
Catherine Heller, H.Y. Floor and Gameline Painting, Inc.
Guillermo Ibarra, Ogden Contract Interiors Inc.
Sunny Seonim Kim, K&K Hardwood Floor Inc.
Zachary Milligan, Zachary Milligan
Mark Nelson, Stoneworks LLC
Joe Ostrander, Stoneworks LLC
Kevin Plumacher, LeBlanc Floors/Pro Home Services
Kevin Ray, Bostik Inc.
Martin Ruiz, Stoneworks LLC
George Takvoryan, Custom Floor Master
Shatona Thornton, NCIF Inc.
Quan Truong, San Jose Hardwood Floors
Max Wyzard, Bostik Inc.


Jason Elquest, Blackhawk Floors, Inc.
Roger Barker, Fortifiber Building Systems Group
Todd McDonald, Glitsa, a division of Rudd Company
Tim Martinho, Bostik, Inc.
JP Pierre, Galleher Corporation

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