MAPEI Joins the U. S. Army in Partnership for Youth Success

MAPEI Corporation recently joined the U. S. Army in the Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) program. Through the program, MAPEI Corporation is set to access a well-qualified, experienced pool of young men and women for its current and planned job opportunities.

As part of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed by MAPEI Corporation President and CEO Luigi Di Geso, MAPEI will enter job opportunities into a database that can be accessed by Regular Army soldiers and Army Reserve soldiers who are part of the PaYS program. When the soldiers select MAPEI as a potential employer, MAPEI has guaranteed them an interview for any available or planned position that matches their career path, especially their military occupational specialty (MOS). ROTC cadets can also become a part of the PaYS program as college seniors and are eligible for interviews after graduation, commissioning and completing their service obligations.

During the MOA signing at MAPEI Corporation’s Deerfield Beach Headquarters on December 8, 2017, an audience of civilians and military personnel were addressed by Captain Kenneth Bowling, Company Commander of the Deerfield Beach recruiting company, Lieutenant Colonel Randall Newman, Battalion Commander of the Miami Recruiting Battalion, and Mr. Di Geso of MAPEI.

Lt. Col. Newman commented, “The Army PaYS program is one of the most important programs we offer our soldiers. We care about our soldiers and we train them well. I have no doubt that the new partnership with MAPEI will afford qualified veterans the opportunity to work in an amazing corporation and help MAPEI to continue to see success in years to come.”

Regarding the Reserve Army soldiers in the PaYS program, Newman said, “In order to be successful, you have to be able to be employed, because you can’t make a living on reserve pay[alone]. What’s perfect is if you actually work in a profession that coincides with your military service…Allowing reserves into your corporation is definitely one of those strategic enablers for the United States army, because we rely on our Reserves. Just a quick example – I’m a logistics officer, and 70% of the United States Army’s logistics capability resides in the Reserve, and that’s a huge amount of our capability used to sustain operations overseas. Supporting the Reserve is critical and I appreciate that.”

Di Geso closed his remarks with praise for a program that offers so much to both the soldiers who serve our country and the corporations who employ them. “We here at MAPEI are honored to join this partnership with the Army PaYS program,” he said.  “Not only do we feel like we’re aiding a good cause, we are able to employ soldiers who have gained significant depth of experience in their military roles. When we think of their discipline, training, and the way they have been taught about loyalty – these are all traits that we here at MAPEI need and seek.”

Di Geso continued, “It’s not easy in today’s workplace to find employees who will join your company and give you the devotion and the strength that a soldier will give. In today’s age, where unemployment, thankfully, is quite low, it’s also quite difficult for us to find employees like these. By joining with the Army PaYS program, not only do we assure that we are helping our military, we are ensuring that we are getting good recruits, good people who will meet the challenges that MAPEI has, not only for us, but for them for the future.”

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