Retro Renovation

Alex Lira, local chef in Charleston, South Carolina, and proud owner of a 1974 AirStream, has big ideas for his travel trailer, and Geoff Ahearn, an employee at John Griffiths Hardwood Flooring, was the man for the job.

“When John called me one day, asking if I was interested in installing leftover chevron we had in our warehouse into Alex’s AirStream, I couldn’t resist the offer,” says Ahearn. Lira has plans to bring his culinary skills to his own yard, serving food to guests inside the AirStream, upon completion of the renovations.

“Being in tight quarters, 6’ x 22’ to be exact, this job was challenging, but it has been so cool to see it come together,” adds Ahearn. “The installation of the white oak chevron floor was part nail-down and part glue-down.”

Upon finishing the installation, Lira had another proposition for Ahearn. “Once the install was wrapped up, Alex asked if I wanted to also take on the carpentry/design part of the renovation,” says Ahearn. “We worked together to design the interior layout, including building the kitchen, sleeping area, and dining area.”

Once all of the furniture was built and installed, the floors were ready to be sanded and finished.

“This was such a fun project to be a part of and it was so rewarding to see the final product,” says Ahearn. “I’m very appreciative of my boss, John Griffiths, and our customer, Alex Lira, for letting me be a part of this job.”

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