Repair, Refinish, Refresh

A considerable advantage of wood floors is that they can be refinished and repaired over time. The longevity of wood flooring makes them a great value that can last a lifetime. Refinishing floors also provides homeowners with the ability to achieve a look that aligns with their changing tastes or the latest color trends.

Chris Frate, the owner of Pasquale Floors in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, has been in the business for more than 16 years and is no stranger to refinishing floors. A recent job of his had multiple repairs and was in need of being refinished.

“There were a few custom thresholds throughout the room, including one at the slider door and one at the entrance to the living room,” explains Frate. “Since this flooring wasn’t easy to find, we custom-milled boards to weave into the existing floor.”

Starting with 60-grit and moving to 80-grit on a belt sander, the existing coating was removed, and the floor was flattened and prepared for final sanding. “We finished it off with 80-grit then 100-grit with a multidisc sander to create an even flatter surface and a more- refined scratch pattern,” adds Frate. “The multidisc sander is especially useful when working on floors that go in multiple directions, to minimize dish-out and uneven flooring.”

“After sanding, we water popped with our backpack sprayer and stained,” says Frate. “We used a Provincial color stain first, and then coated it with waterbase sealer and two topcoats of two-component waterbase – gloss then satin.”

To keep up with Chris’ latest projects, follow him on Instagram at @pasquale_floors_.

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