Hardwood at Home

In business, having a niche or something that sets you apart is the key to success. It provides customers with something they can’t find elsewhere. For Peggy and Dennis Sharbono, owners of Soft Touch Designs in Billings, Montana, one thing that sets them apart from other contractors is that they have a showroom.

Previously set up in a rented building, Peggy and Dennis decided to build a brand-new showroom when their lease was up, so they purchased a 6,000+ square foot farmhouse and got their creative ideas flowing. They knew they wanted it to be unique and provide their customers with the best experience. After 25 years in the flooring business, they’ve worked with a lot of customers and have an excellent understanding of what homeowners are looking for in their homes.

The showroom was designed to mirror a home so that customers can envision what different flooring options would look like in their own homes. Complete with living spaces, a kitchen, and even a theater room, the showroom does just that.

Soft Touch Designs is well-known for refinishing and refreshing existing wood floors, but that’s not all they offer. “Customers can design their own floors from raw wood and customize them through stains, textures, and unique mixed materials,” says Dennis.

Soft Touch Designs also works with their local school district to maintain gymnasiums, they restore flooring in historic homes, and they partake in commercial business projects.

Since opening the doors to their new showroom a few months ago, Peggy and Dennis have received great feedback from their customers who come in.

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