Haines and Belknap-White Group Announce Strategic Partnership

Haines and Belknap-White Group announced the formation of a strategic partnership between the companies. The two distributors have recently completed an investment
and collaboration agreement designed to improve the strategic effectiveness of both organizations. The companies believe that this alliance will lay the groundwork that will better position both organizations for the future as the industry continues to consolidate.

As part of this arrangement, each company will hold a seat on the other’s Board of Directors, and Belknap will hold limited shares in Haines. Both distributors will continue to operate as they do today and there is no change in leadership structure at either organization.

Raymond Mancini, CEO of Belknap-White Group said, “We are excited to be working with the Haines team creating a flooring platform from Maine to Florida that differentiates us from our competitors while working together to help our customers be more successful.”

Michael Barrett, CEO and President of Haines commented, “Raymond Mancini and his team are great partners and we are very pleased to begin developing an east coast distributor partnership that we believe will create added value for our companies, our vendor partners, and most importantly, our customers.”

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