Overcoming Hurdles with NWFA Education

By Kelly Ragalie, Treadline Construction and Loba-Wakol, Tualatin, Oregon

As a member of the NWFA, I am part of an excellent resource of experienced professionals who share the same goals as me. Everyone is looking to move forward in the industry and we are all there to help each other do so. From education, to networking, to having someone to call when I have a question, the NWFA is there.

The most powerful resource the NWFA provides for me has been the hands-on training. Each NWFA class has given me more knowledge, opportunities, and chances to meet other professionals and discuss both industry wide information and job/regional specific information. As a woman in the flooring business, this has helped me overcome a huge hurdle.

With my NWFA credentials, I am an authority in my field, not just ‘some sales lady’. This has truly moved my career forward and allowed my business to thrive. The education I have received through the NWFA is top notch, relevant, and allows for changes in technology, techniques, and the industry as a whole.

As I’ve continued my education with the NWFA, I’ve been able to become an NWFA Certified Wood Flooring Inspector – my biggest business accomplishment. I am now able to go into any project and look at it from all sides – retailer, contractor, homeowner, and inspector at the same time. I know what should and shouldn’t be done from that start which makes my knowledge and experience important to the end user and makes our business more profitable.

It is awesome to work in an industry that values education and moving forward as the times change. I feel so lucky to be involved with the NWFA. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the NWFA or the people who are also involved.

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