3M Launches Center for Hearing Conservation at Job Sites

3M Personal Safety Division has launched a new online resource, the 3M Center for Hearing Conservation. Safety managers can find articles and details about the seven elements of a hearing loss prevention program, as well as helpful videos, toolkits, fast facts and more.

Created by 3M audiologists and occupational health and safety specialists, the 3M Center for Hearing Conservation can help companies as they work to ensure that legal requirements are met and that workers remain engaged and motivated.

“We have known for decades that exposure to high noise causes hearing damage over time. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are tens of thousands of work-related cases of noise-induced hearing loss reported each year,” explained Dr. Laurie Wells, a Doctor of Audiology at 3M. “There are solutions, but it can be challenging for employers to develop effective preventive programs.”

“With the Center for Hearing Conservation, we are providing health and safety managers additional tools and resources to help prevent hearing damage within the workplace,” Wells added.

Visit 3m.com/CHC to learn more about hearing conservation.

Source: Windpower Engineering & Development

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