The Wood Workshop

This past Saturday, NWFA hosted a Woodwork Merit Badge Workshop for St. Louis area Boy Scouts at the NWFA Headquarters.

More than 30 Boy Scouts joined us to learn all about trees, the wood they produce, and how that wood can be used. During the presentation, lots of students asked questions and were excited to hear about the forest to the floor process.

Next up, the scouts got to plan out a wood box on graph paper and then build their design. Students were able to practice with lots of woodworking tools during the hands-on portion, including a non-electrical miter saw, hand saw, hand scraper, and a hammer.

NWFA Vice President of Education & Certification, Brett Miller, was there to orchestrate the event. He noted the kids were really engaged and showed excitement and pride as they left with the wooden boxes they were able to make.

Stay tuned for more information about the initiatives NWFA is taking to educate the next generations of industry professionals.


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