NWFAU Creates Confidence

By Patrick Derry, All Flooring Designs Inc., Tampa, Florida

I’m all about wood flooring education, whether it is hands-on or online. I got started with the NWFA University because it’s a great resource. Both hands-on and online training through NWFA allow me to become more proficient in my skill set, which gives my clients the confidence to know I can get the job done well.

My NWFA education has helped me to avoid certain problems and provided me with the correct steps to follow, ensuring that my clients’ investment in their homes last a lifetime.

I always encourage my clients to view my accomplishments on my website. They appreciate my knowledge and are impressed with my credentials, especially because none of the competitors in my area have NWFA badges or Certifications. This really helps me stand out of the pack.

Having these credentials also gives me more confidence when I go to a jobsite for an estimate because I know the ins and outs of the project and have total control from sales to installing and finishing.

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