A Debt I Can Never Repay

By Jeremy Summerford, Faith Hardwood Flooring, Statesville, North Carolina

At this point in my career, being a member of the NWFA is a necessity. It validates my knowledge to the consumer and provides me with the resources I need to stay in front of what is happening in our industry. Being a member of the NWFA separates me from being just another flooring contractor and helps me to be a flooring professional.

When I first joined the NWFA, I had no idea the impact it would have on my career. It’s given me a desire to learn and gain as much knowledge as possible. It’s given me the ability to provide my clients with reliable knowledge and expertise – which has led to more clients. It’s also given me a huge network of professionals to connect with and learn from – the most powerful resource NWFA has to offer, in my opinion.

I never would have dreamed I’d meet so many great people through the NWFA. Since I’ve joined, I’ve made a lot of great friendships with people all over the country who are so willing to share advice and wisdom with me – that’s a debt I can never repay. The NWFA and so many of the members have helped me to find new skills and capitalize on them in a way that has made my business more profitable and enjoyable.

Two people specifically that have influenced my career are Lenny Hall and Wayne Lee. The passion these guys have for molding the future generation of flooring contractors is amazing. Their ability to help others and their dedication to the industry is something I strive for. My work has changed for the better because now I hold myself to the same set of professionalism and morality that these two do.

Being an NWFA member has influenced me to hold myself and my company to a higher set of standards. It’s given me a new passion, not just for flooring, but to become a better businessman. The knowledge and expertise I’ve gained through the NWFA gives me the confidence to charge a little more for what I have to offer and in return, this has helped my business.

When I took a leap ten years ago and started my own company, I was on my own and didn’t really have anyone to call for help or advice. With the NWFA and the people I have met through the association, I am not alone – I have countless people that are more than willing to help. After almost 20 years, I am finally on a path to growth and I can see a bright future ahead.

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