MAPEI Launches New Solutions for Gypsum-Based Self-Leveling Underlayment Challenges

To meet the challenges inherent in the repairing and smoothing of existing gypsum underlayments before the  installation of floor coverings, MAPEI is complementing its traditional self-leveling technologies with two new high-performance, gypsum-based solutions – Planitex™ SL high-flow, gypsum self-leveling underlayment and Planitex SLF fiber-reinforced, gypsum self-leveling underlayment.

Planitex SL and Planitex SLF are for use in dry interior residential and commercial areas. Planitex SL has high-flow characteristics, is easy to mix and place, and produces an exceptionally smooth, hard surface. Planitex SLF is a fiber-reinforced, gypsum-based, self-leveling underlayment with enhanced flexural strength that creates the same results in similar situations. These self-leveling underlayments provide an excellent level substrate for a wide variety of floor coverings and can also be used to cover radiant or in-floor heating systems.

“The addition of Planitex SL and Planitex SLF to our self-leveling underlayments line gives us the ability to provide an even more in-depth portfolio of products for flooring contractors,” said Jeff Johnson, MAPEI’s Business Manager for Floor Covering Installation Systems. “Every day, flooring installers are faced with different surfaces that need just the right solution to maximize the beauty of installed floors, whether the floor coverings are tile, carpet, wood or vinyl. Our gypsum-based self-leveling underlayments give them one more MAPEI tool they can trust to get the job done right.”

Planitex SL and Planitex SLF are available at MAPEI distributors in the United States and Canada. MAPEI representatives can be contacted for demonstrations of these self-levelers, and MAPEI’s U.S. and Canadian Technical Services Departments are available to answer contractors’ questions.

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  1. Gypsum helps in fire ratings, sound reduction, radiant heating and floor levelling but I had many problems even after using it. But after reading about Planitex SL and Planitex SLF for underlayment I surely got cure for my problem. Thanks for sharing such information, now I can take a relief breath.

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