Armstrong Installation Expert Rick Herr Honored with CFI Chris Davis Award

At the 24th Certified Flooring Installers (CFI) Convention in Orlando last month, the fifth annual Chris Davis Award was presented to Rick Herr, Field Installation Specialist of Armstrong Flooring, for recognition and dedication to quality flooring installation.  Since 1993, CFI has been a trusted source and destination for the latest information on new products, tools, techniques and training for the flooring professional.

To qualify for the award the individual must display the attributes of the late D. Christopher Davis, former President and CEO of the World Floor Covering Association. The individual must possess the ability and willingness to work with the flooring industry to build a stronger foundation among all partners. The person must also display the characteristics of leadership to achieve goals that are directly related to the advancement of quality flooring installation.

Rick has enjoyed a 48 year relationship with Armstrong Flooring. Rick spent his first 30 years in new product development for resilient and carpet products. He was involved in the development of Designer Solarian II and the Cleansweep® coating as well as the seam coating for residential sheet products. Rick has four U.S. Patents on products and coatings. In the past 18 years, he has served as a field installation specialist for the eastern U.S. and Canada.

Rick recently headed the Armstrong Flooring Installation School, which has been training flooring installers for more than 80 years. The school is recognized for the quality of its instruction, its knowledgeable teaching staff and continued leadership in the development of new installation methods and procedures.

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  1. Congratulations Rick, you are first class guy and a true industry expert. I appreciate the time we spent training together at the Carpenters Training Center in Las Vegas. Gary Kloth

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