Bostik Extends Moisture Protection Guarantee for Wood Flooring Adhesives

Bostik, Inc. has announced that two of its wood flooring adhesives now will be offering a lifetime warranty for unlimited moisture vapor protection.

“We are going to take Bostik’s Best® to unlimited moisture vapor protection for all engineered hardwood installations, and move the duration of the warranty from 10 years to lifetime of the flooring,” said Eric Kurtz. “Vapor-Lock® will also offer this same unlimited protection for not only engineered hardwood flooring installations, but for solid projects, as well.

“Neither formula is changing,” continued Kurtz.  “After being used as the leading brand of adhesive for the installation of millions of square feet of hardwood in the most challenging conditions, we have the track record to prove our ability to protect hardwood flooring from these extreme substrate conditions, and contractors and owners can confidently depend on Bostik’s Best® and Vapor-Lock™ to live up to these new levels of performance.”

With the proliferation of wood flooring specification throughout the United States, in particular for high-rise construction, “More and more buyers want the greatest return for their dollar investment,” added Kurtz. “Nobody wants to endure the headaches of installation failures. That’s why they look for the best performance… and best protection… the market has to offer.”

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