The Art of Wood

Alexey Steshak is not your typical wood flooring guy – although he has worked a lot with wood, he hadn’t actually installed a wood floor until now. As an artist living and working in Altai Republic, Russia, there’s much to find inspiration from – that’s how this project got started.

“I live and work in one of the most beautiful places on earth,” says Steshak. “I am inspired by natural materials, and I like a complex and challenging project.”

This floor was nothing short of complex and challenging. “The idea for the floor came to me one day while I was sitting on top of a cliff,” says Steshak. “I looked down and saw many trees and a flock of birds swept over them. And then ‘Bingo!’ That was it.”

“I’ve been combining the materials in my projects for many years, but never before on such a large scale,” adds Steshak. “For this project, I used a wide variety of species. Some came from wind-fallen trees, some from cut trees left after thinning of the fruit orchards.”

“In the end, I had 40 bags of small wood pieces. Some of the species included oak, Manchurian walnut, apricot, pear, karagach, ash, birch, maple ash, American walnut, cherry, larch, rowan, and a little mahogany.”

“My hands are my art studio,” says Steshak. “I work directly on each job site and can easily travel where I need to do work, renting or buying needed materials wherever I am. Having this freedom allows me to travel and do cool projects anywhere in the world and this makes me very happy.”

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