WoodSwimmer Highlights the Beauty of Wood through Stop-Motion

WoodSwimmer takes viewers on a hypnotic tour of the natural beauty of wood through stop-motion. Designed by animator Brett Foxwell, the sequences in the video are cross-sectional photographic scans of actual pieces of hardwood, burls, and branches.

“I became fascinated with the possibilities of a sci-fi world based on the alien forms to be found within this material that grows all around us. While brainstorming this world, I came upon the concept of the WoodSwimmer. This is a deep scan of both the material of wood and the time embedded in its structure,” Foxwell shares on his website.

Foxwell continued, “It was a challenging technique to perfect, but once I did, I was able to shoot short sequences that move the camera through samples of hardwood, burls and branches. The result is beautiful imagery both abstract and very real. In the twisting growth rings and the swirling rays, a new universe is revealed.”

Learn more about the film and Foxwell’s other projects at http://www.bfophoto.com/.

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