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Jason Riddick, the owner of Custom Wood Floors in Powells Point, North Carolina, and a member of NWFA, has been doing installations for 12 years. When he started a recent job for a homeowner, he thought it was just another standard installation, similar to ones he has done for years, but the wood had a story of its own.

Growing up as the grandson of a huge country music fan, Riddick was no stranger to the popular TV show, Hee Haw. “My grandad still watches the show,” says Riddick.

When he arrived on a recent job site, the homeowner had the wood he wanted to be installed ready to go. “The homeowner had a connection with a guy who had the hardwood that was used to make the stage for the show Hee Haw,” says Riddick. “They got to talking one day, and the guy offered my client the stage material, and he eagerly accepted.”

The material used in this installation was reclaimed heart pine. “The flooring was pulled up and re-milled to help it all fit a little better,” adds Riddick. The installation was a standard glue-assist nail-down. “I did a quick sand and finished the floor with Loba Wakol USA Impact Oil, to help preserve the original look of the floors and allow them to gain more character over time,” says Riddick.

“With older floors, you never know how many times they’ll be able to be re-sanded so using the penetrating oil seals the floor and prevents it from having to be sanded again, with the right maintenance,” adds Riddick.

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