FSC Announces Publication Consultation of Controlled Wood Strategy Discussion Paper

FSC is developing a strategy that will define the future approach and direction of FSC Mix products (including Controlled Wood) in the FSC System internationally. The strategy is tied directly to the “FSC Global Strategic Plan 2020-2050” and to the aspirations and long-term objectives therein.

A discussion paper was developed as a building block in the strategy development process, building itself on a Global Meeting that was held in Bonn, Germany earlier this year. The purpose of the discussion paper is twofold:

  1. To inform stakeholders of FSC’s ongoing work to develop a strategy for the role of FSC Mix products and therefore controlled wood.
  2. To present and solicit feedback on questions and statements about the direction this strategy should take in the future.

A public consultation of this discussion paper will continue through June 11, and all FSC members, certificate holders, partners and stakeholders are encouraged to participate. The outcome of this consultation will be reviewed and revisited in discussions conducted during a second global strategy meeting in August. Ultimately, this will contribute to the final controlled wood strategy document, which will be presented at the FSC general assembly in October 2017.

Links to the discussion paper, online consultation platform (preferred method for receiving comments) and an alternative fillable form (for those who do not wish to register on the online consultation platform) are provided on the FSC US web site:

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