Mullican Flooring Announces Plans to Expand Hardwood Production in the United States

As part of an effort to broaden their domestic manufacturing footprint, Mullican Flooring has announced plans to bring full production of all sawn engineered products to the U.S. beginning early summer 2017.

“Since 2012 we have converted much of our engineered hardwood production from imported to domestic manufactured product,” said Neil Poland, President, Mullican Flooring. “The transition of our sawn lines to the U.S. is a natural extension of that movement. Further, we are looking at this change as part of our effort to improve efficiencies and long term value within the company. The move will allow us to tighten quality control as well as to stay true to a long-standing corporate commitment to support domestic production. As a 32-year old U.S. based company, we truly recognize that manufacturing is the foundation of the U.S. economy so transitioning the few remaining components of our production that remains overseas has been part of our long-term strategy all along. The start-up of our sawn production line is the first phase of a 5-year expansion plan that will create 200 new jobs at our Johnson City production plant.”

“In addition to the benefits noted above, bringing more of our production in-house will allow us to streamline efficiencies, equipping us to better keep pace with demand for our floors,” Poland continued. “Through this effort, we will be able to react to market changes almost instantaneously.”

The first product that will transition to the U.S. production facility this summer is EuroSawn White Oak in a 7-inch width. The collection will be immediately available in 6 colors. Plans to transition additional overseas production to the U.S. will be announced in Q3.

In addition to their Tennessee based facility, Mullican also operates other U.S. based manufacturing operations in Norton, Virginia; Holland, New York; and Ronceverte, West Virginia.

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