Emily Morrow Home Hardwood Collection Debuts this Week at NWFA Expo

Wednesday April 12, 2017 marks the launch of a new line of hardwood flooring, as well as a new brand “Emily Morrow Home” at the NWFA Expo this week in Phoenix, Arizona.

Owner and designer of EF Floors & Designs, Emily Morrow Finkell describes the line as “an exciting new level of design in the hardwood industry, providing an answer to trade professionals’ requests for something new and an excellence in quality that is American-sourced, American-made, can’t be shopped and instantly enhances and updates their design projects.”

The Emily Morrow Home hardwood styles include a saleable blend of sliced white oaks as well as a walnut, some are smooth and understated while others are the newest applications of hand-rubbed and hand-tooled visuals, showcasing the authenticity and workmanship of these products, in colors that speak to a higher level of timeless design expertise.

“The premium hardwood flooring line is the first to launch because it’s the most important investment for today’s homes and provides a perfect canvas on which to build a gorgeous design scheme,” according to Emily. Engineered with a premium .65” thickness, an eye popping 7” wide and up to 8 feet long, these floors are perfect for open space floor plans, give a firmer feel underfoot when installed over a floor joist system, and have seventy-five percent fewer seams than traditional floors.

The EMH Hardwood flooring styles offer the highest level of quality available. Manufactured with low VOC finishes and adhesives that qualify as CARB II Exempt and SCS Indoor Advantage Gold to protect the family’s health.

The Emily Morrow Home brand not only includes flooring but also curated collections of furnishings and accessories. Inspired by Emily’s passion for design and travel, each category includes the most sophisticated visuals found in the design world which work into a very cohesive design sensibility.

This summer the rest of the EMH collection can be selected, purchased easily and delivered directly to your door at www.emilymorrowhome.com. Emily Morrow Finkell can be reached at emilymorrowhomecollection@gmail.com.

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