NWFA Hires Kjell Nymark as Technical Advisor

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) has hired Kjell Nymark as its Technical Advisor.

In this role, Kjell will continue as an NWFA Instructor as well as coordinate and strengthen the NWFA’s relationship with Carpenters Union, represent and build NWFA participation throughout Canada, assist in the development of NWFA’s apprenticeship program, work with the NWFACP Inspector program, assist with technical publication and technical call support, and contribute to Hardwood Floors Magazine.

“The addition of Kjell to the NWFA team is going to further strengthen NWFA’s role within our industry,” says Brett Miller, NWFA Vice President of Education and Certification. “With Kjell’s background as a contractor, inspector, NWFA Certified Professional Board Director, and instructor, we are adding another resource that will allow us to increase NWFA’s ability to take larger and faster strides as we continue to grow the educational value of NWFA.”

Kjell began his career as a wood flooring installer in 1993, working for B.C. Hardwood. At B.C. Hardwood, he was introduced to a range of different installations, from high-end homes to gymnasiums. In 2005, Kjell became a wood flooring instructor for the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, and in 2006 he started his own hardwood contracting business.

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