Suncrest Supply Acquires “Hand-Crafted” Wood Manufacturing Facility

Suncrest Supply has acquired a “hand-crafted” wood manufacturing facility based in Kershaw, South Carolina for custom wood walls, flooring, ceiling, and furniture.

The company plans to focus on the evolving “hand-crafted” trend for exclusive designs featuring textures, accents and charred, mixed species, to create unique offerings for OEM and private label programs for distributors, retailers, and wood floor specialists, with an emphasis on Made in U.S.A.

“The company will be introducing its design capabilities and manufacturing services at the NWFA convention in April,” said Dewevai Buchanan, President, Suncrest Supply.

Designs feature mixed textures, including wire-brushed, scraped, circular and straight saw marks, skip sawn, band sawn marks and chatter marks. “Customers are shopping for ‘unique,’ which is why they’re drawn to hand-crafted designs,” said Mike White, Manufacturing Manager, Suncrest Supply. “We’ve managed projects that required mixing different sheen levels in a carton to achieve a multi-sheen visual. Many of our new projects are lightly hand-carved and distressed, highlighting the natural characteristics of wood. It’s all about the texture, staining, and sheen.”

The company also prepares reclaimed lumber that is salvaged from old barns, textile mills and warehouses to be repurposed for flooring and other uses.

Wood walls and ceilings are hand-crafted to order based on OEM and private label specifications, and manufactured panels are designed to make installation of wood walls and ceiling simple.

“Coordinating wood walls and flooring combinations have resonated with OEM and private label programs,” said Buchanan. “Complementing walls and floor provides the opportunity to provide an interior decorating solution.”

Contact Mike White at, or 434-770-5743 for more information.

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