Back to Basics – Basic Installation Recap

edited-78-of-108The completely revised Basic Installation training event took place at NWFA Headquarters last week. Presented by NWFA Regional Instructor, Jason Elquest, the sold-out training event was packed with technical information, hands-on practice, and enthusiasm from our students.

This year, we introduced a few new training events to better serve our members and  enhance the online portion of NWFA University. Previously recognized as the Principles of Wood Flooring, we now offer a three-day Basic Installation class and a three-day Basic Sand & Finish class. The purpose of reworking the Principles class into two new events was to provide students with more hands-on time on their panels, as well as more one-on-one time with the instructors.

edited-82-of-108After hearing much positive feedback from our students, it seems this change was well-received. One student, Jonathan Gramajo Cadenas of GQ Hardwood Floors in Central Falls, Rhode Island, thanked the NWFA for this experience and said it was one of the most important decisions in his life and career as a hardwood floor professional. Another student, Andrew Derr of Derr Flooring Company in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, added that he can’t wait to add all of the knowledge he gained from the class into his career in the flooring industry.

We love hearing such great feedback and look forward to all of the upcoming training events that will take place this year.

We’d like to give a special thank you to all of the instructors and students who made last week’s event a success.


  • Jason Elquest – Blackhawk Floors, Inc., Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Mike Kearns – Primatech, Inc., Kitchener, Ontario
  • Wayne Lee – Middle Tennessee Lumber, Springville, Tennessee
  • Tim Moore – Fortifiber Building Systems Group, St. Charles, Missouri
  • Matt Thrane – Gehl Flooring Supply, Butler, Wisconsin


  • Delbert Adams, Sheffield Hardwood
  • Nick Akins, Klare Custom Designs
  • Tim Bigman, MAPEI Corporation
  • Stephen Brice, Champion Floor Co.
  • Stacy Brown, NWFA
  • Michael Bruyninckx, Sika Corporation
  • Ed Cortopassi, MAPEI Corporation
  • Andrew Derr, Derr Flooring Company
  • Andreas Eisenmann, Sika Corporation
  • Ethan Erickson, Arboritec USA Inc.
  • Dan Fitzhenry, Prestige Flooring
  • Kyle Grable, Champion Floor Co.
  • Jonathan Gramajo Cadenas, GQ Hardwood Floors
  • Kevin Hamed, Kirkwood Flooring & Blinds
  • Jim Hanley, Proflex Products Inc.
  • Dacota Johnston, The Woodshop
  • Penny Key, NWFA
  • Jon Klare, Klare Custom Designs
  • Derek Kulwicki, Sika Corporation
  • Brennan Landy, OMG Inc./Fastenmaster
  • Marco Luna, Marco Luna
  • Jodi O’Toole, NWFA
  • Markus Patton, NWFA
  • Tim Prince, Sika Corporation
  • Nelson Roldan
  • Jeff Walker, MAPEI Corporation
  • James Ziesk, Hawkins Homes Service, LLC
  • William Ziesk, Hawkins Homes Service, LLC



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