A Puzzling Approach to Wood Waste

pg17_1_edited Former NWFA Regional Instructor and DuraSeal employee, Toby Merrill, had a slightly different project at hand when his wife Linda asked for his help in creating some puzzles for her kindergarten, first and second grade Physical Education students.


“Wood was the only reasonable material for these puzzles because I knew they had to somehow withstand a bunch of 5-8 year olds,” says Linda.

Using some of Toby’s leftover engineered flooring, Linda hand-painted pictures on the boards. Toby followed with a scroll saw to turn them into one-of-a-kind jigsaw puzzles.

The children weren’t the only ones who benefited from the puzzles though. “These fun projects were a great way for me to practice scroll sawing,” says Toby. “The puzzles survived the use and abuse at school and now my wife would like 18 more!”

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