Armstrong Flooring Announces Price Increases

Armstrong Flooring announced that it is implementing a price increase on commercial sheet, linoleum, commercial tile, and wall base and installation and maintenance products.

The increase is a result of significant increases in raw materials, energy, transportation and operating costs. Key raw materials, such as lumber, PVC, plasticizer, limestone, TiO2 and packaging have not only increased, are expected to continue upward cost pressure throughout 2017. In addition, rising natural gas and electricity prices are increasing manufacturing facility operating costs. Fuel and transportation rates are rising both domestically and abroad, impacting delivered cost.

As a result, Armstrong Flooring will be increasing prices for the following commercial product lines effective February 15, 2017:

  •  Commercial Sheet by 3-6%
  •  Linoleum by 3-6%
  •  Commercial Tile by 3-6%
  •  Wall base and Installation and Maintenance products by 3-6%
  •  Commercial LVT will not be impacted by this price increase implementation.

This price increase will apply to orders shipping on or after February 15, 2017. Special Job Quotes (SJQ’s) expiring on or before February 15, 2017 will not be affected by this increase. Orders accepted prior to February 15, under the Contract Basis of Sale, B and Competitive Tile Procedure price lists, will be protected at that price level for 30 days beyond the effective date of the price increase.

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