Three States Propose Lower VOC Limits

The Ozone Transport Commission is reporting that Connecticut, Delaware, and New York are considering lower VOC limits for their states. The proposal would reduce current VOC limits to 275g/L for finishes and sealers that are waterborne, oil-modified polyurethanes, and oil-modified polyurethanes, as well as moisture-cured urethane finishes, and lacquers.  Similar VOC reductions have recently been implemented in Maryland, Utah and California.  More information is available here.

2 thoughts

  1. I think that the Quarts size of the moisture cure urethane finish 550 voc and 450 voc should also be illegal and discontinued, because some floor contractor buy cases of quarts with high voc and once they come to the job site they open the cans and put them all in a five gallon bucket and apply the finish, which is very harmful, and also illegal.

  2. We are doing hardwood floor for over 25 year’s in Brooklyn NY, are customers are asking for moisture cure and they want the old one’s with 550 voc, so we getting them in quarts size from pc wood floors they have pallets of quarts size moisture cure of 550 voc it comes packed 12 per case, we get 10-15 cases of it and we used them on the job and the customers are happy we gave them what they ask for. If it won’t be around any more the won’t ask for and it would be less of a problem for us.

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