Legislation Affecting Wood Flooring Industry

NWFA and about a dozen of its members participated in the annual Hardwood Federation Fly-In held in Washington, DC, September 20-22. Attendees participated in more than 70 meetings with members from both the House of Representatives and the Senate to discuss legislative issues impacting the wood flooring industry, including Federal Forestry Reform, which addresses the 193 million-plus acres within the National Forestry System, Estate Taxes, which addresses tax rates imposed for family businesses that are passed down to future generations, Biomass Carbon Neutrality, which addresses the use of biomass energy, Tall Wood Buildings, which addresses the use of wood in the construction of buildings in excess of 85 feet tall, and Market Access Program & Federal Market Development Program, which addresses funding aimed at developing foreign markets for US hardwood and hardwood products. More information is available here.

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