NWFA Recognizes 2024 Service Award Honorees

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) was founded as an organization by the industry, for the industry. Our organization thrives due to the generous support of volunteer instructors, committee members, board members, and numerous other volunteers. To thank those members who go above and beyond, NWFA recognizes volunteers with Service Awards. The following recipients were recognized at the Wood Flooring Expo this past April in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Carlos Mongalo
National Flooring Contractors Apprenticeship Program

The Emerging Leader of the Year Award recognizes a young mover and shaker who will change the industry during their career. This individual will serve as an example of professionalism and success to others in the wood flooring industry.

Labor challenges persist in the wood flooring industry, and NWFA members have pinpointed apprenticeships and enhanced training at high schools and community colleges as key solutions. Carlos Mongalo has emerged as a pivotal figure in this strategy as the program director of the National Flooring Contractors Apprenticeship Program (NFCAP).

A second-generation flooring contractor, Mongalo successfully has navigated the industry to achieve his dreams. However, remembering the difficulties he faced starting out fuels his passion for helping others carve out their careers in flooring. Mongalo’s approach extends beyond filling job vacancies; he is committed to building a community that nurtures young talent into professionals. His dedication to mentorship has transformed NFCAP into a symbol of hope and opportunity, paving the way for a diverse new generation in the flooring industry.

The NWFA Hall of Fame Award recognizes and honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the wood flooring industry through innovation, service, and leadership. During the NWFA’s 35-year history, just 21 individuals have been recognized with this award.

Jon Roy Reid
Trinity Hardwood Distributors

From his early days at Trinity Floor to founding Trinity Hardwood Distributors, Jon Roy Reid’s dedication and leadership have defined the company’s success. With a commitment to leading by example, he instills core values of integrity, hard work, and loyalty in every member of his team. Through his hands-on approach and motivational prowess, Reid fosters an environment of continuous growth and development. His leadership philosophy, rooted in high expectations and integrity, has not only shaped Trinity into a respected industry leader, but also inspired a culture where success is achieved with hard work and doing the right thing. Reid’s leadership continues to set the standard for excellence in the hardwood flooring community.

Chris Zizza
C&R Flooring

Chris Zizza is an industry leader whose journey from adversity to achievement is marked by resilience, compassion, and dedication. As the president and founder of C&R Flooring, past chairman of the NWFA, current chairman of the NWFA Certified Professionals, and co-host of the NWFA Real Answers podcast, Zizza’s influence transcends the business realm, touching the lives of countless individuals in need. From his roots in New England to communities ravaged by natural disasters, his humanitarian efforts know no bounds, embodying the spirit of service and solidarity. Through his advocacy for children’s education and career development, he empowers young minds to realize their fullest potential. Zizza’s commitment to making a difference, one person at a time, exemplifies the transformative power of his leadership and compassion.

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